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Orthotics fabrication is an in-depth four step process:

Step 1: Evaluation

Patient is evaluated by the physical therapist. Medical history is taken and patient is evaluated for posture, flexibility, lower extremity alignment and gait mechanics. The therapist then makes a recommendation whether orthotics are appropriate to treat the patient's condition and whether it is appropriate to implement them right away or after a period of time during which the patient would do corrective exercises either in or out of the PT setting.

Step 2: Casting

SMTC uses the Sole Supports system because of its attention to the importance of lower extremity alignment and biomechanics. The Sole Supports system employs a stiff foam block to take an impression of each foot. Impressions are taken while the patient sits in a chair in his/her stocking feet. The therapist positions the patient's foot in the optimal position, then pushes it into the foam block to make the impression. The process is then repeated for the other foot. The casts are then shipped to the laboratory to be used as molds for fabrication of the orthotics, which usually takes between 1-2 weeks.

Step 3: Fitting

Once the orthotics are returned to the clinic, the patient is notified to make an appointment for fitting. The orthotics are trimmed to fit the patient's shoes, and then the fit to the patient's feet is assessed, both standing and walking. Modifications are made if necessary, and the patient is given instructions for gradually increasing the wearing time and how to integrate them into his or her recreational activities, such as a running program.

Step 4: Re-Check

After several weeks, the orthotics patient returns to the therapist for an orthotics re-check. The patient reports to the therapist on such factors as comfort, wearing time and how the orthotics have affected their symptoms or condition. Modifications are made if necessary.

To learn more about the process, or to schedule your evaluation, contact us today.

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